Rental Management, Boutique Services, Peace of Mind

45 Main Properties is an exclusive, homegrown real estate company that has a reputation for being the best in Portland. 

How did we get that reputation? Simple. 

We focus on providing outstanding service that helps our clients be profitable, safe, and responsible landlords. 

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Customized Services

Properties are unique, and so are your needs. That's why our services are crafted like a tailor-made suit to fit you and your property. 

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Ownership Mentality

Our management philosophy comes from experience as property owners, investors, managers, and brokers. We know exactly what kind of care you want for your property.

We have designed our management flow to focus on the details and provide the attention that we demand for our own properties.

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Full Service

Our services covers everything from marketing, leasing, inspections, repairs/maintenance to rent collection and clear financial reporting.

Our job is to make your life easier so that you can have the freedom to grow your business or dedicate more time to your family.

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Industry Experts

We are dedicated to staying on top of real estate trends, values, prices, public opinion, regulations, zoning, and events in the community. Our commitment to the sustainable development of our community runs deep and we look to be a part of the important conversations affecting the industry. This is the depth of experience you get when we manage your property.

After hearing horror stories of landlording 3,000 miles away we were skeptical to purchase a property in Portland. However, after working with 45 Main we felt completely confident about the entire process. By the time we actually met Neal in person, we already had faith in him and his company because of his calm presence, business acumen and the easy way he explained everything and answered questions.

We highly recommend 45 Main Properties.
Extremely professional and capable property management company. I am extremely pleased with the services they have provided and use them on an ongoing basis for my rental property.

Highly recommend!
Quality people, quality properties and an exceptional experience is what I have come to expect from Neal and Alissa. Prompt, friendly, and well-thought-out communication is what I have received from them. HIGHLY recommend!