Business Update from Neal

I am writing this update on a beautiful fall morning in Portland. This in and of itself is a monumental occasion because I am not rushing to go show an apartment, fix a leaking toilet, or reconcile our trust accounts. For the first time ever, I have the ability to sit down and communicate with you about our company: how we got started, where we are at now, and where we are going in the near future.

Fall Portland Rental Market Update: Signs of Change

Summer is always the busiest time in the rental business when it comes to leasing activities. It is when most leases expire and the most demand occurs. People tend to move in the summer when they have the time, energy, and favorable weather to do so. This is when rental prices will reach their seasonal peak. The Portland rental market is no different, but for years now we've seen rental prices increase even through slower seasons. This summer things changed.

Increase Your Chances of Renting In A Tight Rental Market

As a property manager it’s nice to have great applicants to choose from, but as a potential renter it can be a frustrating experience. It’s becoming all too common in this market for management companies never to return phone calls or emails, to charge exorbitant application fees to everyone that applies, or to completely remove the human element out of it by only offering a pay per self-guided tour scheme. Learn how to increase your chances of success.

Tiny Living

Tiny Living

"Let's face it. Us Americans like our space. We like big yards, multiple bedrooms with the option of a home office, a basement, and garage. However, there is a growing contingent of people that is bucking that trend and we decided to join them. We made a decision eight months ago to live tiny. Not because it was cheaper (because it wasn't), but because we believed in reducing the clutter and living simply."